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How to visit the House of Commons

You can get tickets from your Member of Parliament, which secures admission to the gallery from 2:30pm Monday to Thursday. If you live in the Stirling constituency and would like tickets you can contact Anne or otherwise contact your local MP. However, please note that the MP?s only get a certain allocation of the tickets for particular dates.

If you would just like to look around the House of Commons without going to the gallery your MP can also provide you with tickets as long as you give them plenty of notice. A guided tour of the House can also be organised for a fee.

It is possible to gain entrance to the House of Common?s Galleries without a ticket by queuing for the Stranger?s Gallery. The head of the public queue is not normally admitted until about 4.15pm Monday to Thursday or 10am on Friday. Note that queuing for the Stranger?s Gallery often means a long wait.

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